Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding Installation

STS Roofing’s wall cladding services are a fast and effective way to make your building weathertight. Once installed, our metal wall cladding solutions offer immediate protection from the rain. Although we are best known for our expertise in installing long run metal roofs, we also have extensive experience installing wall cladding. Our detailed and unrivalled knowledge of the materials involved means we can offer the highest quality finish possible.

This involves ensuring the cladding is as effective as possible. For example, your cladding will be installed so it can withstand the normal movements of a building as it expands and contracts with changing weather conditions and temperatures. We also offer other performance specialities, including cladding that offers additional acoustic or fire proofing properties.

The other crucial part of giving you the highest quality finish possible is make sure you get the right look. After all, wall cladding is a prominent feature on most buildings. We offer a range of cladding types, including a range of profiles and colours. Both vertical and horizontal options are available and we can even vary the orientation of the cladding to give your property a different look, i.e. to change the depth and texture of the exterior.

What You Can Expect from Us

  • Expert advice
  • Wide range of cladding materials to choose from
  • Experienced and skilled team of installers
  • Competitive prices

Durable and Effective

We work on wall cladding projects of any size on properties throughout Auckland. Make sure you contact us for a quote so you can see the STS Roofing difference.

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