Safety Nets & Edge Protection

Our Safety and Yours

We take safety incredibly seriously at STS Roofing. This enables us to complete jobs to the highest possible standards while ensuring everyone involved in a project, as well as those in and around your building, are protected. In particular, we install equipment and put in place procedures that reduce the risk of falls to protect our team on the roof as well as anyone on the ground. This also protects against the risk of falling debris.

That equipment includes safety nets and edge protection. We maintain a stock of our own safety nets and handrails that meet all necessary safety standards. Every member of our team is fully trained on the installation, maintenance, and use of this equipment.

Benefits to You

  • Your roof will be installed or repaired with less risk to people
  • There is also less risk of delay as accident incidents are greatly reduced
  • As we handle safety in-house, you only have to deal with one company
  • In addition, we don’t use scaffolding so there is no time wasted waiting for scaffolding to be put in place and then removed

Staying Safe with Safety Nets and Edge Protection

The safety rules and procedures that we operate exceed what is required by law to ensure we offer the maximum level of protection possible. We do this, however, without increasing the cost of our services to you. You can simply have peace of mind that you are dealing with a contractor who not only is highly skilled and experienced in long run metal roofing projects, but who also works safely.

To find out more about our safety procedures, please contact us on 022 089 0841.