Re-Roofing in Auckland

Do you have a metal roof that is letting in water or that looks old, tired, and unattractive? Do you have a non-metal roof that you would like to convert to long-run metal roofing? STS Roofing has extensive experience of re-roofing projects of all sizes and on all types of building. That means we can help, whether you are a homeowner who needs a new roof on your house, or the owner of commercial buildings that need new roofs.

We handle all aspects of the job to make the process as hassle free as possible. This includes removing and disposing of your old roof. If there is damage to any of the roof fittings or the building we will complete repairs, ensuring the structure is sound and as ready for the new roof as a new build would be. We then expertly fit your new roof using the latest roofing practices and technologies to ensure it looks great and is durable.

Your Options

  • Metal, aluminium, and corrugated iron roofs
  • Wide range of profiles to choose from
  • Pre-painted roofs available
  • We can also repair or replace insulation, gutters, downpipes, spouting, and more

Don’t Delay

Unsightly roofs are one thing but a roof that is letting in the elements is a risk to your property and your bank balance. Once a roof ceases to be watertight and is beyond being cost-effective to repair, you should consider re-roofing as an option immediately. Delaying will only cause more damage – most of which you won’t even be able to see until the old roof is removed. At its worst, that damage can cost more to repair than replacing the actual roof.

Don’t leave it until it is too late: if you need a new roof, call our re-roofing specialists today on 022 089 0841 for a free consultation.